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A-level PE - Unit 4: The Developing Sports Performer: Life Plan

Resources to support A-level PE, Unit 4

Task 4.4 - Life Plan

Requires students to write a 'life plan', the development of which requires independent research into their opportunities for participation. Students should consider different 'age stages', and how they will seek both continued and alternative sporting participation in a variety of roles.

Marked out of 10.

Opportunities : Career path

Students with AS or A level Physical Education have access to a wide range of possible career & higher education opportunities.

Physical Education supports applications for a wide range of university courses such as:

  • sports sciences
  • physiotheraphy
  • teaching
  • sports management
  • recreation and leisure studies

Students may also choose to use their qualification to go straight into employment.

Life Plan Checklist

Key content Tick if present
16-18 Timeline - detailed, present state/aspirations
1. Current participation, to include the factors that have influenced you into your choices (Unit 4)
2. Present state aspirations
3. Commitment in terms of playing, training, academic studies etc. (Unit 2/4)
4. The option pathways that are open to you in full time education (Unit 1/3)
5. Research the participation rates in schools, for your sport, and the drop out rates post 16/18 education (Unit 1)
6. Important health considerations and the need to undertake appropriate exercise (Unit 1)
18-22 Immediate options / context
1. University? Which one?
2. What does the institute provide? What are alternative provisions? 
3. Perceived level of commitment?
4. Inhibiting factors? Travel, training, academic studies etc.
22-35 Competitive phase / consolidation / career / family
1. Highlight inhibiting factors and strategies to overcome them
2. Relate to national statistics
3. Make sure that this is personalised and analysed thoroughly
35-45 Role / sport change / career / family
1. Highlight inhibiting factors such as injury, attitude, family, career and physiological changes supported by factual data
2. Strategies to maintain your interest in your sport-coaching etc.
55+ Later life options
1. Consider physiological changes and strategies to cope
2. Later life alternatives

Exemplar Materials

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