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A-level PE - Unit 4: The Developing Sports Performer: Development Plan

Resources to support A-level PE, Unit 4

Task 4.1 - Development Plan

Requires students to plan, research, perform, record, review and evaluate a development plan for one of the roles taken for Task 2.1 (Personal Performance). The development plan will be unique to the individual and will show students how to realise and progress their performance.

This task is further divided into three (3) components:

  • component one - planning and researching
  • component two - performing and recording
  • component three - review and evaluation.

Components one and two are marked out of 20, and component three is marked out of 5, to give an overall mark out of 45. This mark should be compared against the holistic criteria to ensure an accurate grade is awarded.

Development Plan Checklist

Content  Detailed   Applied   Relevant   Questionable 
S and W from 2.4
Personal Profile
Principles of Training
Warm Up
Cool Down
Energy Systems
Recovery / EPOC / DOMS
Diet / Hydration
Sports Science Adaptations
Goal Setting
Components of Fitness
Training Methods
Training Program
Recording Sheets
Test Results
Impact on Sports Performance

Exemplar Materials

 exemplars for A Level in PE: