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A-level PE - Unit 4: The Developing Sports Performer: Overview

Resources to support A-level PE, Unit 4

Unit Description

Unit 4: The Developing Sports Performer Content Assessment
  • Building on unit 2 by constructing a development plan to further progress their performance as performers, leaders or officials and continuing to refine their performance in one chose role.
  • Researching one of these roles in an international context, taking in grassroots participation, elite performance and other factors.

Internal Assessment (3 tasks)

Weighting: 25% A level

Summary of Assessment Requirements

Unit 4: The Developing Sports Performer

Students must undertake four (4) tasks for assessment in this unit. They will be required to submit their completed tasks for internal centre marking using the Edexcel criteria, and for external moderation with evidence being submitted on the student's CD portfolio.

The total number of marks for each task is listed below. One (1) overall mark out of 90 is required.

Task 4.1

Development plan

Requires students to plan, research, perform, record, review and evaluate a development plan for one of the roles taken for Task 2.1 (Personal Performance). The development plan will be unique to the individual and will show students how to realise and progress their performance. This task is further divided into three (3) components:

  • component one - planning and researching
  • component two - performing and recording
  • component three - review and evaluation.

Components one and two are marked out of 20, and component three is marked out of 5, to give an overall mark out of 45. This mark should be compared against the holistic criteria to ensure an accurate grade is awarded.

Task 4.2

International study

Engages students through independent research and establishes, by expanding on Task 2.2: Local study and Task 2.3: National study, a knowledge and understanding of the opportunities and provisions for mass participation and elite development in another nation. Marked out of 15.

Task 4.3

Progressive participation

Provides further routes for students to continue participating in one chosen role and through progressive practices and competition refine this performance. Marked out of 20.

Task 4.4

Life plan

Requires students to write a 'life plan', the development of which requires independent research into their opportunities for participation. Students should consider different 'age stages', and how they will seek both continued and alternative sporting participation in a variety of roles. Marked out of 10.

Progression from AS to A2

AS- Unit 2 A2 - Unit 4
2.1 Personal Performance    4.3 Progressive Participation
2.2 Local Study and 2.3 National Study 4.2 International Study
2.4 Performance Analysis 4.1 Development Plan
Units 1-4    4.4 Life Plan

The four coursework taks and allocations are:

Task Marks
4.1         Development Plan     45
4.2         International Study      15
4.3         Progressive Participation    20
4.4         Life Plan       10

Learning Outcomes

By working through this unit, you should:

  • undertake applied experiences to develop your own personal sport pathway
  • develop awareness and understanding of the sporting context of grassroots
  • understand that sport and physical activity is a life-long process of involvement
  • engage in the process of reflection and analysis that leads to an individually planned and performed development programme