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A-level PE - Unit 3: Preparation for Optimum Sports Performance: Elite Academies

Resources to support A-level PE, Unit 3

Centres of Excellence: Australia

Centres of Excellence: Sport in East Germany

Sports in East Germany: a system under seige sports in East Germany; E. German Perquisites Draw Fire

Until the current wave of political reform began sweeping across Eastern Europe, East Germany nudged its way into Western consciousness about once every four years. In the Olympic Games, this small country of 16 million people and modest means would prove itself a superpower.

Indeed, since 1968, the first year it was allowed to compete in the Games on its own (from 1956 it had been part of a mixed team with West Germany) East Germany has won more Olympic medals, 519, than all other countries but superpowers in the more conventional sense, the Soviet Union, with 774 medals to its credit, and the United States, with 624.

Yet East Germany's success was not achieved without a hefty price. And only recently, as galloping democracy has loosened the grip of the Communist Party and each segment of society undergoes scrutiny, has the citizenry been given a sense of just how hefty the price might have been.

As a new openness allows a freer flow of news and debate, the public is learning for the first time how well leading athletes are treated and how well sports officials have treated themselves. In addition to bigger apartments and better cars, athletes have received from the Government huge sums of money for their success. And there have been reports of officials abusing their positions with privileges far beyond the reach of the average citizen.

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Centres of Excellence: United Kingdom

Established by Royal Charter in 1997, UK Sport is responsible for investing around £100 million of public funds each year – from both the National Lottery and the Exchequer – in high performance sport.

Team USA: Sport Performance

The U.S. Olympic Committee’s Sport Performance Division delivers focused, applied and performance-impacting sport science, technology and medical services to America’s top coaches and athletes.

US: Sports Top Stories

As high school football popularity soars, so do coaches' salaries

Offensive line schemes, tough matchups and weekly preparation are all comfortable topics.

But when asked about his coaching salary, he hesitates.

That's because, with a salary of $114,413, Lineweaver is the highest-paid high school football coach in the area. He is hardly alone. Local coaches, with a few exceptions, are near the top of their school district's payrolls.

"It's kind of embarrassing to me, really," Lineweaver said. "I'm blessed, but it's something I don't think about. I don't even look at how much I make. I let my wife get my paycheck. I don't compare it to anyone else's."

As high school football grows -- top games are broadcast on TV each week and teams square off in style at venues such as Cowboys Stadium -- coaching salaries have become more competitive.

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