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Year 9 - Identity: Ketna Patel

A guide to resources on identity in art, compiled by your librarians. Last updated December 2018.

Ketna Patel

Image of Ketna Patel from Time Out Singapore

Ketna Patel uses her art to reflect her identity in a very colourful and vibrant way.

"Ketna Patel is a typical example of globalisation.  To date, she has lived in three different continents; Africa, Europe and Asia, each for more than a decade.  No wonder then that her work threads through many realms.  Her personal experiences, cultural immigration, observations of popular and high culture, the juxtaposition of external, material worlds on top of inner bewilderment.....  To reflect the world, and her part in it, Ketna's works are usually not minimal affairs."   From Ketna

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This picture shows some of Ketna Patel's furniture items.

(Source: Chuva

A pop-art car creation by Ketna Patel

(Source: Nano Blog)

Ketna Patel's Art

Source of images

Pop Puri Singapore

This video is part of an art installation at Singapore's Esplanade in 2005.  It consists of a montage of Ketna Patel's 'Asia Pop' imagery with her father's favourite Hindi tunes and spoken Singlish words. (Source: you tube)