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Year 9 - Identity: Rob Ryan

A guide to resources on identity in art, compiled by your librarians. Last updated December 2018.

Rob Ryan

Source of image: Ideas tap

"Rob Ryan was born on an RAF base in Cyprus on 5 November 1962.

He is best known for his romantic paper-cuts, on which he has collaborated with Paul Smith, Liberty and Vogue among others." (Source: The Independent)

Rob Ryan's Personal Blogs

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A sky full of kindness

Rob Ryan's book 'A sky full of kindness' is about some adventurous birds but is "really a story about love, overcoming fear, and being human" (Brain pickings)

Here is an example of a page of the book:

(Source of picture: Brain Pickings)

Paper Dress

This dress, which was created by Rob Ryan, can be seen here featured in the Vogue magazine.

(Source: Amanda Briggs blog)

Rob Ryan's Art

(Sources of pictures:

Manchester Confidential

The Guardian

Make Do

Amanda Briggs at Dear Ada)

Rob Ryan

This interesting, short video about Rob Ryan gives some insight into his life and how this has led to him being interested in art.

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Rob Ryan