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KS3 Geography - Cracking Coasts: Endangered Species: Blue Fin Tuna

A guide to information resources on endangered species for your year 8 Geography 'Cracking Coasts' topic, compiled by your Librarians.

Blue Fin Tuna

(Source of photo: Ocean River Institute)

 Blue Fin Tuna is a commercially valuable species and several thousand tonnes are caught each year.

Most fish are cold-blooded but tuna and mackerel sharks are warm-blooded: they can regulate their body temperature so they do not need to limit their range according to water temperature.

(Source of information: wikipedia)

Find out about Blue Fin Tuna

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Blue Fin Tuna poster

(Source of picture: One More Generation)

Click on the image to see a large version.

Books in the Senior Library

Catching Bluefin Tuna

This National Geographic video includes information about bluefin tuna and how they are caught by fishermen.

(Source of video: you tube)

Why are Blue Fin Tuna endangered?

(Source of picture: ABC)

This picture shows Blue Fin Tuna being caught by fishermen.

Explore the links below to find more about the threats facing Blue Fin Tuna.

Cartoon about the overfishing of bluefin tuna

Click on the image to view a larger version of this cartoon about the overfishing of Bluefin Tuna.

WWF video about Blue Fin Tuna

This World Wildlife Fund video looks at the crisis faced by bluefin tuna.

(Source of video: you tube)

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Latest News

Test your knowledge

Try this CBBC Newsround quiz to find out how much you know about tuna.

Organisations helping Blue Fin Tuna

(Source of picture: Design Scene)

This poster is part of a WWF campaign to protect tuna.

Explore the links below to find organisations which work to help tuna.

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