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IB Geography - Environmental Change: Food miles

A guide to information resources on Environmental Change for your year 13 Higher IB Geography topic, compiled by your Librarians.

Food miles


  • Examine the concept of food miles and the environmental consequences of increasing volumes of air freight.

On this page we will look at:

Food miles and their environmental impact. What are the environmental consequences of the increase in air freight?

Bring to freight facility

Food value and food waste

This brief video illustrates the amount of energy taken to prepare your dinner.  You may think eating fish fingers is as easy as popping them under the grill, but just how much energy was involved in their manufacture?  This video begins with ocean fishing and follows the process through transport, manufacturing, assembly, refrigeration, transport, storage in supermarket, purchase, refrigeration, cooking and then finally to its decomposition.

Source: youtube

Useful websites

Greenhouse gases

David Simchi-Levi, a professor in MIT's Engineering Systems Division and Department of Civil Engineering, discusses lowering greenhouse emissions generated by humans.

This includes information on the freight sector as a carbon emittor and the impact of different types of transport used by companies.

Source: youtube

Useful articles and reports

Ethics of air freight: food, flowers, carbon offsetting

Source: youtube

Latest news on food miles

Airfreight report

Find more information...

There is a wealth of information available on this topic.

Try searching for information using combinations of these keywords in the search boxes below to see what you can find.



Try to find out more using Sweet Search, a search engine designed to help students find reliable information.

EbscoHost database

We subscribe to a fantastic database which contains thousands of full-text journal articles.  This is a brilliant way for you to find those references which will really make your work stand out from the crowd!

Use the search box below to search our EbscoHost database, you will need to enter a password which you can find in the Virtual Library on the VLE (Moodle), email me ( or ask one of the librarians.

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Research databases

Other useful databases

Google Scholar

Find scholarly articles using Google Scholar.  Look out for articles which have a [pdf] link in the right hand column, you can access the full-text version of the article by clicking on that link.

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Google Books

Over 10 million books and magazines can be found in Google books. 

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