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IB Geography - Environmental Change: Agro-industrialization

A guide to information resources on Environmental Change for your year 13 Higher IB Geography topic, compiled by your Librarians.



  • Identify the effects of agro-industrialization and changes in international production and consumption on the physical environment.


On this page we will look at resources about: 

The environmental effects of the growth of the flower growing industry around Lake Naivasha in Kenya.

(Source of picture: Daily Kos)

Where is Lake Naivasha?

A Blooming Business

A trailer for a 2010 documentary film about the flower growing industry in Kenya.

Source: you tube

NASA image

This satellite image on the NASA website illustrates the extent of flower production around Lake Naivasha.

"Bright white squares mix with fields of green, tan and purple along the shores of the lake. Sunlight glints off the long rows of glass greenhouses, turning them silvery blue and white in this view from space. Fallow fields are tan and pink, while growing plants turn the ground bright green."

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Eco-journal - Lake Naivasha

This 2011 video looks at the problems facing Lake Naivasha and discusses some of the solutions which will help to secure the long-term sustainable development of the region.  It looks at the concerted efforts being made to restore lake naivasha's fragile ecosystem following massive fish deaths in 2010. 

Useful websites

There are many websites with information on this topic, here are just a selection, try using the Sweetsearch box in the right-hand column to find more...

Latest News on Lake Naivasha

Report on Lake Naivasha

This report about Lake Naivasha and the effects of the flower industry was published in 2008 by Food and Water Watch and The Council of Canadians to highlight the plight of the lake.

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There is a wealth of information available on this topic.

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Other useful databases

Losing Lake Naivasha

A report about the rapidly receding level of Lake Naivasha.