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KS3 Geography - Cool Antarctica: Natural Antarctica

A guide to information resources on Antarctica for your year 8 Geography topic, compiled by your Librarians.

Natural Antarctica

Antarctica, november 2007

Many animals live in Antarctica, despite its extreme conditions.   Find out more about the animals which can be found there by exploring the links below.

Click the links in the middle column to find out more about food webs, krill, penguins and whales.

Animals of Antarctica

Click on the image above, then choose 'Antarctic Animals' to view a video of some of the animals of Antarctica.

Find out about...

Click on the words below to find out more about these subjects:

(Source of picture: Discovering Antarctica)

Antarctic Food Web


(Source of picture: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)



(Source of picture: Daily Telegraph)



(Source of picture: Cool Antarctica)


Books in the Senior Library

The following books include information about the nature of Antarctica: