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KS3 English - Gothic Horror: Books

Find information about Gothic Horror for your Year 8 English topic, compiled by your Librarians.

Horror Books

Would you like to read some horror stories?

Here a few ideas of horror books with a touch of Gothic!

Click on the links to find the books in the Senior Library catalogue.

Top 10 Gothic Books

Click on the image below to find Tanglin Trust School's Top 10 Gothic Horror books.

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(source of picture: Fort Lee High School Library)

When you choose a horror story, what do you most like it to include....

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ghosts: 6 votes (1.99%)
werewolves: 2 votes (0.66%)
vampires: 8 votes (2.65%)
the supernatural: 35 votes (11.59%)
monsters: 251 votes (83.11%)
Total Votes: 302

Horror Books

More Horror Books