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KS3 English - Gothic Horror: Conventions

Find information about Gothic Horror for your Year 8 English topic, compiled by your Librarians.

What is a 'Convention'?

A Convention is a widely used and accepted device or technique as in a particular fiction genre

Slideshow on Gothic Conventions

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If you were writing a gothic horror novel and you had to choose one of the following settings, which would you use?

Take part in our poll...
A dark, deserted castle: 35 votes (5.86%)
A remote, crumbling abbey: 48 votes (8.04%)
An isolated, derelict mansion: 45 votes (7.54%)
A bleak, stormy moor: 20 votes (3.35%)
A cold, dark dungeon: 418 votes (70.02%)
An eerie, damp crypt: 8 votes (1.34%)
A creepy, hidden room: 23 votes (3.85%)
Total Votes: 597