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KS3 Geography - Incredible India: Species Endangerment Task

A guide to information resources on India for your year 9 Geography topic, compiled by your Librarians.

Species Endangerment Task

                     Species Endangerment                   

Aim: To design a campaign to protect either the Bengal Tiger or Snow Leopard.

 Background Research

  •          Where is this species found?
  •          What is its habitat like?
  •          How has it adapted to survive in this habitat? (include physical and behavioural adaptions)
  •          Why is this species endangered?
  •          What can be done to protect to this species from extinction?

 Some key considerations for your campaign:
















 Your group’s campaign will be presented to the class in the form of a PowerPoint presentation which should include the following:

  •          Relevant background information on why there is a need to protect this species
  •          An original logo design for your campaign
  •          A detailed plan of action. How will you get your message across to your target audience? What methods will you use to raise awareness, t-shirts, TV, leaflets, demonstrations, etc…? Why?
  •          What issues or setbacks can you foresee? How do you plan to address these?