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KS3 Geography - Incredible India: Climate

A guide to information resources on India for your year 9 Geography topic, compiled by your Librarians.


weathered many storms, haven't we?

India is divided in two by the tropic of Cancer so it lies in the tropics and subtropics and has a range of climate zones.  Most of the country has a monsoon season but there are also areas of desert and tropical rainforest.

Find out more about the climate of India by exploring the resources on this page.

Monsoon in India

The maps show the direction of India's monsoon winds.

A monsoon is a seasonal reversal of the wind direction.

The term monsoon is often used to refer to the rainy phase of a seasonally-changing pattern, although technically there is also a dry phase.

(Information from wikipedia and Mr

For more information and the source of these maps, visit the Mr website.

This video includes interesting information about the monsoon and the possible effects of climate change:

Weather and climate change in rural India

This video looks at the effects of climate change on various areas of India.

Websites with Climate Information for India

Under the weather in IndiaField









Find out more about the various climate conditions which can be found in India by exploring these links.

Websites about the weather in India

Click on the map above to find today's weather forecast for India.

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