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KS3 & IGCSE Science - Periodic Table and the Elements: Videos

Find useful resources on the periodic table and elements, compiled by your Librarians

Periodic Table of Videos

An example of an 'elements' video from the University of Nottingham's periodic table collection of videos.

The Chemistry Department at the University of Nottingham have created great videos, like the one in the box above, for all the elements.

Explore the table below to find out more about the elements you are interested in.


Alternatively, you can access videos on your phone by using the QR codes in the box below...

DVD in the Senior Library

Guide to the Periodic Table

In this video, from The University of Cambridge, "Dr Peter Wothers explores the properties of the most reactive metals in the periodic table - the Alkali Metals".  (Source:University of Cambridge)

The Periodic Table Table

"Some people collect stamps.  Wolfram Research co-founder and author Theo Gray collects elements..."

The Periodic Table of Videos