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GCSE & A-level Business Studies - Entrepreneurs and Airlines (Enterprise Week 2011): Entrepreneurship Videos

Find resources about entrepreneurs and airlines, compiled by your Librarians.

What is Entrepreneurship?

source of video:youtube

Andrew Zacharakis is professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson College.  Dr. Zacharakis answers to seven questions about entrepreneurship, which is defined as the pursuit of opportunities, acquisition.

What is an Entrepreneur?

source of video: youtube

Panelists from New York Entrepreneur Week (NYEW) reflect on what it means to be an entrepreneur.

How to Be a Business Entrepreneur?

An interview with Craig Newmark: an Internet entrepreneur best known for being the founder of the San Francisco-based international website Craigslist.

The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster

source of video: youtube

Can you handle the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship?

Join our very own entrepreneur as he rides out the highs and lows

Steve Job's Advice for Entrepreneur

source of video: youtube

A great excerpt from the D5 conference with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.Steve Jobs shares his advice or "secret" to create successful companies.

Teen Business Blog

source of video: youtube

"Invest in Yourself - learn about business™!".