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GCSE & A-level Business Studies - Entrepreneurs and Airlines (Enterprise Week 2011): Airlines

Find resources about entrepreneurs and airlines, compiled by your Librarians.


In this section you can find information on a number of airlines.  

Click on the link for the airline you are interested in.


Take part in our 'favourite airline' poll...

If you were planning to take a long-haul flight and you could choose to use any of these airlines, which one would you choose?

China Airlines CI32 from Taipei on approach to YVR

Take part in our 'favourite airline' poll...
Singapore Airlines: 4 votes (80%)
SilkAir: 0 votes (0%)
AirAsia: 0 votes (0%)
Tiger Airways: 0 votes (0%)
EasyJet: 0 votes (0%)
Emirates: 1 votes (20%)
Qantas: 0 votes (0%)
British Airways (BA): 0 votes (0%)
Virgin Atlantic: 0 votes (0%)
Virgin Australia: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 5

Virgin Australia (formerly Virgin Blue)