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A-level Drama - The Wonderful World of Dissocia: Singapore

Find resources for your A-level Drama coursework (2011-2012) relating to themes in 'The Wonderful World of Dissocia' - compiled by your Librarians.


Haw Par Villa



Dinner Time in China Town

Asian Civilisations Museum

Asian Civilisations Museum 1

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Visit Singapore - A World of Contrasts

Singapore's Online Archives

The National Archives of Singapore has an extensive collection of records from different media.  These include textual records, photographs, audi-visual recordings, and oral history interviews.  Click on the link below to access a large collection of online archives for Singapore.

Find out more about Singapore

Maxwell Food Centre

Explore the links below to find out more about Singapore.

What's going on in Singapore?

Explore the links below to find out what is going on in Singapore's theatres, museums, cinemas, restaurants etc.

Books in the Senior Library