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A-level Drama - The Wonderful World of Dissocia: Portals

Find resources for your A-level Drama coursework (2011-2012) relating to themes in 'The Wonderful World of Dissocia' - compiled by your Librarians.



On this page you can find a variety of books and videos related to portals.

Alice in Wonderland in the Senior Library

Alice in Wonderland famously features Alice tumbling down a tunnel into 'Wonderland'!

Being John Malkevich

John Malkevich goes through his own portal!

The Chronicles of Narnia

Lucy discovers the wardrobe which leads to the land of Narnia.

Star Trek

"Beam me up Scotty!" - This clip of orginal Star Trek footage shows Captain Kirk being teleported.

Doctor Who's Tardis

See the famous Doctor Who opening sequence which shows the tardis travelling through the portal of time.

The Secret World of Cave Diving

This video explores the hidden underground world of caves.

Books in the Senior Library which feature Tunnels