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How to find Careers information: Taking a Gap Year

Find resources on topics relating to your Careers and University choices

Where will your gap year take you?

Taking a gap year

Taking a gap year can provide you with excellent opportunities to increase your self confidence, maturity and independence. This can be done through travel, voluntary activities, work experience and developing new skills. You’ll have a chance to earn some money and learn some money management, strengthen your CV and take a break from academic study.

However, if your gap year is poorly planned, it could affect your university application, it could also prove expensive and you may be side-tracked away from your original plans.

Students applying to Australian Universities will have six months from the end of their A levels to organise “mini” gap year experiences.

Explore this page to find more information on taking a Gap Year.

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Useful Websites

Voluntary Work

If you are interested in voluntary work, there may also be opportunities with some of Tanglin’s long term charity links, for example, Kais Kids in Cambodia.

There are also organisations, such as Project Trust, who can help you: