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A-level Music Technology: Books

A-level Music Technology Subject Room

Books in the Senior Library

On this page you can find details of just a small selection of the books in the Senior Library which are useful for your A-level Music Technology course.

[Photo here of the relevant book collection:]

The Edexcel A-level Music Technology specification provides opportunities to you to embrace recent development in the field and build understanding of the technical processes and principles that underpin effective use of music technology. 

Find books here to support your course:

Unit 2: Listening and Analysing books in the Senior Library

Unit 4: Analysing and Producing books in the Senior Library

Unit 1B: Multi-track Recording books in the Senior Library

Unit 3C: Composing using Music Technology books in the Senior Library

Search for more Books

Search our school OPAC for more books and other reading materials.

Explore the NLB Catalogue, you will find information on books held in libraries.  You can also immediately access online thousands of ebooks and journal articles. 

If you find books which would be useful for your studies either visit the library or contact us and we may be able to request it for you.

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