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Year 8 - Masks and Commedia Dell’ Arte: Pulcinella

A guide to information resources on masks and commedia dell arte for your year 8 Art and Drama topic, compiled by your Librarians. Last updated December 2017.

Pulcinella's Mask

A description of Pulcinella's mask from Commedia dell' Arte: an actor's handbook:

"Brown or black with long, beaked nose.  Furrowed with wrinkles with large wart or carbuncle on forehead."

More Pulchinella masks:

(Click on a picture to see it's source)

Punch and Judy

Mr Punch is based on the Commedia Dell Arte character, Pulcinella.  Find out more information about Punch and Judy by following the links in this box.

030610-065 CPS


Pulcinella's War

Website - Commedia Dell Carte

Commedia dell Carte is a US based Commedia dell arte performance ensemble.  Their website includes information on various Commendia dell arte characters.

Website - Carnival

This website about Carnivals includes information on Commedia Dell Arte.

Find out more about Pulcinella

Find out more using Sweet Search, a search engine designed to help students find reliable information.

Try choosing two of the keywords below, type them in the search box and see what information you can find. 

So, for example, you could type "Pulcinella mask" to find more information on Pulcinella's masks or type "commedia Pulcinella" to find out more about Pulcinella in Commedia dell Arte.  Try combining the other keywords, can you think of any more?


Books in the Senior Library

These books are in the Senior Library, they include lots of information on Commedia dell'Arte and all the different characters.

Pictures of Pulcinella

(Click on a picture to see it's source)

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Some people think Pulcinella shares characteristics with these animals.  Which animal do you think the character of Pulcinella is most like?

Choose which one you think he is most like in the poll below.


Golden sebright cockerel


Había una vez...

  Chicken or baby chick

Green Toad


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Cock: 84 votes (37.17%)
Chicken or baby chick: 79 votes (34.96%)
Toad: 63 votes (27.88%)
Total Votes: 226