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KS3 Maths, Geography & Languages - Bird Park Project: Endangered birds

A guide to information sources for your Year 7 maths, geography and languages Bird Park project - compiled by your librarians

Endangered birds

The American Bald Eagle

Since the 1600s more than 115 species of birds are known to have become extinct. (Source: Incredible Birds)

Explore this page to find out about endangered birds and why birds become extinct.

Extinct birds

Dodo with Skeleton

The dodo is a well known example of a bird which has become extinct.

Conservation of birds

RSPB video

(Source of video: you tube)

Find out about bird conservation:

Organisations which are working to help endangered birds

brett spark

These organisations work to protect birds and their habitats, their websites include information about the work they do, the threats which are faced and what can be done to help.

The Nature Society of Singapore

Find the latest copy of their magazine in the Senior Library for lots of colourful and interesting information about nature in Singapore.

Birds of Singapore app

If you have an iphone, ipod or ipad you can download a 'Birds of Singapore' app which has been created by the Nature Society (Singapore).

Here you can see the latest news from the Nature Society of Singapore:

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