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KS3 Maths, Geography & Languages - Bird Park Project: Crowned pigeon

A guide to information sources for your Year 7 maths, geography and languages Bird Park project - compiled by your librarians

Crowned Pigeon

On this page you can find information sources for Crowned Pigeons.

This page focuses on the:

Victorian Crowned Pigeon

Common Crowned Pigeon

Scheepmaker's Crowned Pigeon

Other names for Crowned Pigeons

When you are searching for information on crowned pigeons, keep in mind that the same crowned pigeons may be known by different names.

So if you are looking for information, try searching for their alternative names -


Victoria crowned pigeon is also known as:

Victorian crowned pigeon

White-tipped crowned pigeon

White-tipped goura


Common crowned pigeon is also known as:

Western crowned pigeon

Grey crowned pigeon

Blue crowned pigeon

Masked crowned pigeon



Scheepmaker's crowned pigeon is also known as:

Southern crowned pigeon

Maroon-breaster crowned pigeon

Sclater's crowned pigeon 

Great Goura

Distribution Maps

A map showing the distribution of Victoria crowned pigeons around the world.

A map showing the distribution of Common crowned pigeons (aka Western crowned pigeons) around the world.

A map showing the distribution of Scheepmaker's crowned pigeons (aka Maroon-breasted crowned pigeons) around the world.


Click on the maps for a larger version and to find more information about each crowned pigeon.

Pictures of Crowned Pigeons

Western Crowned Pigeon {goura cristata} Victoria Crowned Pigeon (Goura victoria)

Blue Crowned Pigeon Western Crowned Pigeon / Goura cristata / 冠鳩(カンムリバト)

New born Victoria crowned pigeon

This video shows a crowned pigeon which has only just hatched.

(source of video: you tube)

Internet Bird Collection - Find Videos and Photos

This website contains thousands of photographs, videos and sounds of birds.  Find a bird you are interested in and view pictures of it or see it in action on a video.

Birdlife International - Bali Starling

BirdLife International is the world's largest group of conservation organisations, they work together to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity.

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