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KS3 Science & Maths - Breaking News!: Copyright Nature

Information to help you create a science and maths news flash, mini-documentary or advert (year 8) - compiled by your Librarians.

Copyright Nature

Fan Foot Gecko (Ptyodactylus hasselquisti)

Stimulus Questions

  • What can the human brain teach us about making better computers?

  • The gecko's foot helped to inspire new types of adhesives.  What other examples are there of nature inspiring new materials?

  • How do apes solve the problem of eating a healthy balanced diet?  Why do humans find it so difficult?

  • What do submarines have in common with sea creatures?

  • A tree is a highly efficicient solar energy converter.  Can we harness its power?

  • Bats use ultrasound for navigation.  What do we use it for?

  • A beehive is a highly efficient and strong structure.  Why?

Inspired by nature


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Lessons we have learnt from nature

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