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KS3 Science & Maths - Breaking News!: Moving to Mars

Information to help you create a science and maths news flash, mini-documentary or advert (year 8) - compiled by your Librarians.

Moving to Mars

Mars Approach 2033

Stimulus Questions

  • Why have unmanned missions been sent to Mars in the past?

  • What has made manned missions possible now?

  • What could be some of the consequences of sending a group of astronauts one way?

Find more information...

Have a go at finding some more information using the search engines in the boxes below.  Sweet Search and ipl2 both search the internet for useful information for students. 

Here are some ideas of keywords and search strings to search for:

Sweet Search - a search engine for students

Try to find out more using Sweet Search, a search engine designed to help students find reliable information.

Ask an Astronomer


Mars One

This video introduces Mars One, a project which aims to send four people on a one-way trip to Mars in 2023.

Find more information about Mars One  here

(Source of video: you tube)

Mars Quest Online


DVDs in the Senior Library

Books in the Senior Library

Encyclopedia Britannica

New Scientist