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KS3 Science & Maths - Breaking News!: Medical Technology

Information to help you create a science and maths news flash, mini-documentary or advert (year 8) - compiled by your Librarians.

Medical Technology


Stimulus Questions

  • How realistic is it to print body parts, e.g. cartilage using a 3D printer?


  • How else can (and is) this technology being used?

Medical News Today - Medical Devices

Find the latest news on medical devices... 

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What is Medical Technology?

Discovery - Fit and Health

This website includes a number of links to pages about modern medical technology.

BBC article - Cartilage made using hybrid 3D printer

"Researchers have developed a way to "print" cartilage that could help treat joint diseases and sporting injuries."

Find out more about this medical technology in this BBC article.

Sweet Search - a search engine for students

Try to find out more using Sweet Search, a search engine designed to help students find reliable information.

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