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IGCSE Science - Hiroshima: Ethics and Issues

A guide to information resources on the Hiroshima bombing, 1945, for IGCSE Physics - compiled by your Librarians

Arguments for and against the bombing of Hiroshima

Rainbow Corner Red Cross Club in Paris desolation

Everyone has their own opinions on whether the bombing of Hiroshima was justified.  Keep this in mind when you are reading or viewing items about the rights and wrongs of the bombings, it is possible that they will be biased towards the author's point of view.

Click on the tabs for this section or click the links below to find Extended Information and Higher Level Information for this topic.

Was Truman right to drop the bomb?

This video offers an opinion on whether Truman was right to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

BBC discussion on the ethics of the bombing

This webpage from the BBC was written 60 years after the Hiroshima bombing took place.  It discusses some of the issues and opinions regarding the ethics of the Hiroshima bombing.

Bombing was justified, says survivor

In this clip a Hiroshima survivor says she's glad the Americans dropped the bomb to end the war.

Were the Atomic Bombings Justifiable?

This wiki includes a number of people's opinions on whether the atomic bombs were justifiable or not.