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IGCSE Science - Hiroshima: The Atomic Bomb

A guide to information resources on the Hiroshima bombing, 1945, for IGCSE Physics - compiled by your Librarians

The atomic bomb

This page includes information on the atomic bomb including the physics which causes a nuclear explosion.

Click on the tabs in this section or click the links below to find Extended Information and Higher Level Information for this topic.

Nuclear fission

This website includes a short video demonstration of the mechanism of nuclear fission.

A tremendous new force


Click on the link below to view this clip which was broadcast on September 20, 1945

Description of the clip from the website: "At an atomic laboratory in Chalk River, Ont., CBC reporter J. Frank Willis is trying to grasp the intricacies of nuclear power. How does a lump of uranium become the destructive source of power in the atomic bomb? The key is neutrons. When uranium is blasted with a stream of neutrons, it becomes a new element: plutonium. With enough plutonium, nuclear fission occurs, setting off a chain reaction as billions upon billions of atoms explode."