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The Information Cycle: Next day

This Guide explains how a range of information sources become available over time, following a major event like the London Bombings on 7 July 2005

More information appears the next day


Slide from: Makselon, J., 2011. Locate information, The research process for extended essay. Tanglin Trust School, unpublished. Picture from: Jackson, C., 2005. London Bomb Attacks Dominate Newspaper Front Pages. [Online] See your world LLC Available at:  [Accessed 9 February 2011].


 The day after an event more information will begin to emerge about the event as well as people's opinions.  Many of these, like this BBC page from 8th July 2005, will appear on the internet.  It is important to remember that information may be biased depending on the author's point of view.  


National Newspapers

The day after the London Bombings all the national newspapers contained information about what had happened.

Global Newspapers

When a major news event occurs, it will be reported in newspapers all around the world.  The picture above shows a newspaper report in 'The Hindu' which is an English language newspaper in India.  Newspaper reports from different countries can provide different perspectives on an event.

See our 'Find the latest World News' Libguide for more information on news sources around the world.