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The Information Cycle: Same day

This Guide explains how a range of information sources become available over time, following a major event like the London Bombings on 7 July 2005

More information becomes available on the same day

Shortly after the event has occurred, information will begin to be disseminated in other formats such as television, radio and internet based newspapers.  You can see some examples on this page.

(Slide from: Makselon, J., 2011. Locate information, The research process for extended essay. Tanglin Trust School, unpublished.)


Click on the picture above to see an example of a blog written by a survivor of the London Bombings.  She began to write this blog on the day of the bombings.  It gives a first hand account of that person's experience, what she could see and hear and how she felt. 

Television News

Here you can see breaking news about the London bombings.  This was broadcast on Sky News on the day of the bombings.

(Source of video: you tube)



Click on the picture above to access the BBC website where you can listen again to the BBC radio broadcasts from the day of the bombings.