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IB Business and Management - Topic 2 - Human Resources: Articles

A guide to resources which are particularly useful for topic 2 of your Business and Management course.

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We subscribe to the following Business Studies magazines.  They are great for wider reading.  The Straits Times is also useful for keeping up to date with the news. 

Find all magazines and newspapers under the stairs in the Senior Library.

Business Review

Business Review

This magazine is aimed at A-level students and contains articles which are specifically relevant to the AS and A2 Business Studies courses.  Each article places theory in real-life context and addresses the key areas of marketing, finance, people, operations, the external environment and objectives and strategy. 

The Economist

The Economist

The Economist aims to cover the main events, both business and political, of the week.  It goes to press on Thursday and is available in most of the world’s main cities the following day or soon after.

The Straits Times

Singapore’s daily newspaper, The Straits Times, is available each day in the Senior Library.  The Straits Times is the most widely read newspaper in Singapore, it strives to be an authoritative provider of news and views, with special focus on Singapore and the Asian region.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar searches the web for scholarly literature.  Some of the results will lead to freely accessible full-text articles.

Google Scholar Search

NLB Library

Singapore has excellent public libraries which can be used by all residents of Singapore. 

Click on the link below to search the NLB catalogue, you will find information on books held in libraries.  You can also immediately access online thousands of ebooks and journal articles. 

If you find books which would be useful for your studies either visit the library or contact Mrs Shou and we may be able to request it for you.

EbscoHost database

   We subscribe to two databases that contain thousands of full-text journal articles.  The databases we subscribe to are EBSCOHost and JStor and they provide a brilliant way for you to find those references that will really make your work stand out from the crowd!

   Use the search boxes below to search EbscoHost.  If you are not in school or if you are using a laptop you will need to enter a password which you can access by logging in our portal  'Senior Firefly' service or ask a librarian


Research databases


Human resources planning


Watt-Smith, C. (2009) ‘Recruiting staff for the first time’, Business review, 16 (2), pp.32-33

An entrepreneur, Claire Watt-Smith, highlights some of the key issues involved when recruiting staff for her fair trade fashion business, BoBelle.

You will find this article in Business Review (November 2009) in the Senior Library.


Mills, M. (2009) ‘Finding the right candidate’, Business review, 15 (3), pp.12-13

This article explains what headhunting is and how the headhunting process works.

You will find this article in Business Review (February 2009) in the Senior Library.



Cockcroft, L. (2008) ‘The greenhouse effect’, Personnel Today, 19 February, pp.20-21

The article looks at a number of organizations, including McDonald’s Corp. and Leyland Trucks, and outlines how they recruit and train their staff.

You can find this article in the Ebsco database.  Try typing 'greenhouse effect personnel' in the search box above.



Birchall, N. (2009) ‘Redundancies – the only way to cut costs?’, Business review, 16 (2), pp.36-37

This article looks at the difficulties of managing a workforce during a recession and explores why making staff redundant may not be the best option.

You will find this article in Business Review (November 2009) in the Senior Library.


Smythe, J. (2008) ‘Engaging employees to drive performance’ Communication World, 25 (3), pp.20-22

Most employees hear about business decisions after their managers have made those decisions, leaving people on the receiving end feeling powerless and sometimes scared.  This article discusses how more and more organisations are experimenting with engaging employees in everyday decision making and change in order to drive performance.

You can find this article in the Ebsco database.  Try typing 'Smythe employees performance' in the search box above.

Leadership and management

Hoang, P. (2009) ‘Leadership’ Business Review, 15 (4), pp.28-29

John Adair is a major writer on leadership, this piece examines his work.  It looks at what a leader is, action-centred leadership, task requirements, team requirements, individual requirements and the functions of leaders.

 You will find this article in Business Review (April 2009) in the Senior Library.


Gillespie, S. (2009), ‘Corporate entertaining: business tool or corporate jolly?’ Business review, 16 (2), p.34-35

This article looks at how corporate entertaining can be an important element of motivating staff and also part of the marketing mix.

You will find this article in Business Review (November 2009) in the Senior Library.

Employer and employee relations

Crisis management and contingency planning

Business minds (2009) ‘Organisational agility’, 7 (2), pp.30-32

This article examines the challenges and rewards of organisational agility in tough economic times.

 You will find this article in Business Minds (April - June 2009) in the Senior Library.

Hor, D. (2008) ‘How to survive a business disruption’, 6 (4), pp.21-23

This piece looks at the disruptions that may be faced by a company and the strategies that should be considered when preparing a disaster recovery plan.

You will find this article in Business Minds (Oct - Dec 2008) in the Senior Library.

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