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A-level Business Studies Resources: Multi-media

A guide to useful resources for your A level Business Studies course, compiled by your Librarians!

AS Business DVDs - Unit 1: Planning and financing a business








Also available: 

The Established Business/the PLC

Inside a factory II: Cadbury’s

Organisations Compared

The Marketing Mix Explained




A number of relevant DVDs are kept in the Business Department. 

Speak to your Business Studies teacher if you are interested in gaining access to any of the DVDs on this page. 


AS Business DVDs - Unit 2: Managing a business

Also available:

Case studies in recruitment

Managment styles II

A2 Business DVDs - Unit 3: Strategies for success

 Also available:

Case studies in recruitment

A2 Business DVDs - Unit 4: The business environment and managing change

Also available:

Global business