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A-level Business Studies - Unit 1: Planning and financing a business: Websites

A guide to resources which are particularly useful for Unit 1 of your AS level Business Studies course

Tutor 2 u

Tutor 2 u

Tutor2u publishes e-learning resources for a number of subjects, including Business and Economics.  A range of free and subscription-based materials are available which are designed to support teachers and inspire students.



S-cool provides revision material for many subjects, including Business Studies.  You can also find hints and tips about passing your exams and career advice.

Revision World

The aim of RevisionWorld is to provide a fun and free revision resource for GCSE, AS and A2 levels. RevisionWorld provides the foundations of knowledge on various subjects, including Business Studies.

Unit 3.1.1 - Starting a business

Unit - Developing business plans

Unit - Conducting start-up market research

Unit - Choosing the right legal structure for the business

Unit - Raising finance

Unit - Locating the business

Unit - Employing people

Unit 3.1.2 - Financial planning

Startups blog

This website contains lots of information with the aim of inspiring start up businesses.

CNN - Finance News

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