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A-level Business Studies - Manufacturing in the UK: Background

A guide to resources about manufacturing in the UK, compiled by your librarians.

Latest Manufacturing News from The Guardian

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"Manufacturers make goods rather than supply a service.  Newly established companies might manufacture relatively inexpensive and simple products such as pottery, garden furniture and candles.  Setting up a company to manufacture products can be expensive because the enterprise might require industrial premises, vehicles, machinery, equipment and a substantial amount of raw material.  The capital required to do this on a large scale may not be available to entrepreneurs." Source of information:


Introduction to manufacturing in the UK

Purchasing Managers Index


The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) is produced monthly by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply by surveying managers responsible for purchasing materials in manufacturing industries, and so it gives an indication of the level of activity. (From: Tutor2u)

Find out more about PMI:


Books in the Senior Library

What's made in Britain?

This two part BBC video, from 2011, examines what products are 'Made in Britain'.

The second part of the BBC's 2011 report on 'What's made in Britain?'.

This episode includes a discussion of the automotive industry in UK and the need for a skilled, educated workforce for British manufacturing.