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KS3 Science & Maths - Breaking News!: Breaking News Topics

Information to help you create a science and maths news flash, mini-documentary or advert (year 8) - compiled by your Librarians.



Welcome to the Senior Library's Libguide for your Science and Maths news report task.

Explore this guide to find information sources for topics outlined in your task booklet

Find a topic which interests you and click on the link underneath that picture.

Click on the links below to see your Plan of Action and task booklet:


In groups of 2-4, produce a 3-minute news report video on anything of Scientific and Mathematical interest.

This could be

·      a 'Breaking News' flash story

(hypothetical is cool);

·      a mini-documentary

(so seriously serious stuff);

·      an advert

(‘cause you think it’s just awesome);

·      or even a 'truthful' anti-advert for one from TV

(‘cause you don’t believe the adverts claims)!

What are YOU interested in?

        Have you heard something in a lesson that intrigues you and would like to investigate it?

Discuss it with your Science or Maths teacher


Want a little more inspiration to help make this decision...?

...Then explore this Libguide!

What are the chances?

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Credit for this Libguide - Suzanne Parfitt

This Libguide was originally conceptualized and created by Suzanne Parfitt, Astt. Librarian at Tanglin Trust School from 2009-2015. 

It is maintained and updated by Senior Library Staff.