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KS3 Maths, Geography & Languages - Bird Park Project: Home

A guide to information sources for your Year 7 maths, geography and languages Bird Park project - compiled by your librarians


Welcome to your Bird Park Project Libguide.

Explore this Libguide to find out where you can find information on some of the birds at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore.

If you need any more help, ask any of the librarians in the Study Area, we are always happy to help!

Explore this Libguide

Your task

In the maths and geography lessons after the Bird Park visit you will be working on a project in your small group. Start thinking about what you would like to research…

Your project can be anything to do with birds, but there are a few extra requirements- see below!

You will present your work to the rest of the class. Your presentation can be a film, podcast, talk, drama sketch, computer model, powerpoint, poster….

Suggestions for possible projects are:

      a)     Migration patterns for different birds

b)    Conservation efforts for endangered bird species

c)     Comparisons of different bird species (eg looking at wing span, incubation periods, habitat)

d)    Maths and Art in nature

e)     Extinct bird- how did they die out?

f)      Birds v aeroplanes- biomimicry- how do planes mimic birds?

 Your presentation must include a non-English language, some geography, and some maths!

Bird Park Trip Booklet

Find your Bird Park Booklet here:

Credit for this Libguide - Suzanne Parfitt

This Libguide was originally conceptualized and created by Suzanne Parfitt, Astt. Librarian at Tanglin Trust School from 2009-2015. 

It is maintained and updated by Senior Library Staff.

Listen to this!

Jurong Bird Park video

Watch this video to find out what you can see and do at Jurong Bird Park.

Jurong Bird Park Website

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