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KS3 History - The Battle of Hastings & The Bayeux Tapestry (1066): Home

Welcome to year 7 History - The Battle of Hastings & The Bayeux Tapestry!

Welcome to year 7 History - The Battle of Hastings & The Bayeux Tapestry Libguide at TTS!

From here you can find revision guide, books and handy information on the topic of the Battle of Hastings and the Bayeux TapestryFirst of all, you can click and explore the British History Timeline for major events (please focus on the period around 1066 AD).


(Source: BBC British History Timelime)

Resources in the Library

What Is History? by Ian Dawson

A starter unit for Key Stage 3 History - a series of seven engaging activities that introduce pupils to the key ideas needed to study history.

Asterix in Britain

The Romans have invaded Britain, but one village still holds out. Asterix and Obelix come to help, with a barrel of magic potion in hand. But to deliver the precious brew, the Gaulish heroes must face fog, rain, bad food, warm beer, and the Roman too.

The measly Middle Ages [soundrecording]

Stinking statistics about the days of old when Knights were bold (and probably rather smelly.) No other period in history (apart from most of the others) was as nasty as the Middle Ages. The peasants were revolting, the food was disgusting and death lurked around every corner.