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Year 10 - SEASAC Arts Festival, ‘We'll Build Our House’ (2014): Construction

Last updated March 2018.

Images of Construction

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Singapore aims to have “a safe, high quality, sustainable and friendly built environment” (BCA).  Construction plays an important part in the country’s desire to have the best built environment for Singapore and to be a distinctive, global city.

It is interesting to consider how a building gains its form through the process of gathering and organising a wide range of parts and materials.  The convergence of the constructed buildings then determines the cityscape.

You may also think about the relationship between a building and the land.  How is the earth reshaped during the building process?  To what extent does destruction precede construction? 

In some instances reclamation may be needed before construction can begin; either reclamation of materials or reclamation of land.

Construction is a wide and varied topic that is a perfect starting point for an arts project in any discipline.  Explore this page for ideas and inspiration around the theme of construction…   

MRT Construction

Singapore's first section of Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) was opened in 1987 and within 3 weeks a million journeys had been recorded (LTA website).

Today, the system has developed to cover a much wider area and is still developing.

This video shows how the MRT is constructed. 

Find out more about Singapore's MRT system on the LTA website.

The Remember Singapore  website includes an interesting page about the history of the MRT with photographs and hisorical MRT maps.

Town planning images

Construction in the news

Here are some examples of news articles, from the past and present, about construction in Singapore.

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Images of Construction

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Photographs by Paul Makselon

Marina Bay Sands

Books in the Senior Library

Changi Airport - Project Jewel

Changi airport are currently constructing a new "A world-class attraction of glass and steel wonderland". 

They are looking for input from the public on their vision for Project Jewel.

Find out more about the

Project Jewel website

Constructing Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is a landmark building situated in Singapore's Central Business District.

Find out more about Marina Bay Sands...

Housing in Singapore

Look back at photos of housing development in Singapore from the 1970s and 1980s - Straits Times

Explore the HomeDSGN website to see some of the stunning modern designs that can now be found in Singapore.

Bamboo Scaffolding

Find '16 impressive examples of bamboo scaffolding' on the Oobject website.