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A-level PE - Unit 2: The Critical Sports Performer: Performance Analysis

Resources to support A-level PE, Unit 2

Task 2.4 - Personal Analysis

Draws heavily on Task 2.1, requiring students to research the methodology and applied process intrinsic to the completion of an analysis of performance. This analysis can be in either of the student's two (2) selected practical performances. While reflective in nature, it is envisaged that the skills and understanding acquired will provide for further student development. 

This task is marked out of 30.

Performance Analysis Checklist

Key content

Tick if present

Task 1

Appropriate four Core Skills



Movement Analysis – action/muscles/movement

Tactical Application

Task 2

Field / Court – affects/influences


Individual Role/responsibilities


Set / Formal plays

Open play tactics

Elite references

External factors – climate etc

Task 3

Notation 1 and review

Notation 2 and review

Notation 3 and review

Overall review / detail

Future resulting ‘Action Plan’ – data/facts

Task 4

Training of physiological components /elements

Training of technical components

Training of psychological components

Benchmark training results – standards/facts and figures/tests

Normative standards / comparisons age group /team/ level

References to elite models

Types of training you do and the benefits

Three typical training review

Task 5

Strengths – validated

Weaknesses – validated

Physiological, Psychological, Technical, Tactical

Profile – subjective /objective

Action – Development Plan

Exemplar Materials

 exemplars for A Level in PE:




Statistical Websites