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A-level PE - Unit 2: The Critical Sports Performer: Overview

Resources to support A-level PE, Unit 2

Unit Description

Unit 2: The Critical Sports Performer Content Assessment
  • Developing performance in two chosen roles from a choice of three (performer, leader and official); recording and analysing performance over a period of time.
  • Studying the provision for all three roles at a local leve, and one role at the national level

Internal Assessment (4 tasks)

Weighting: 50% AS   25% A level

Summary of Assessment Requirements

Unit 2: The Critical Sports Performer

Students must undertake four (4) tasks for assessment in this unit. They will be required to submit their completed tasks for internal centre marking using the Edexcel criteria, and for external moderation with evidence being submitted on the student's CD portfolio.

The total number of marks for each task is listed below. One (1) overall mark out of 90 is required

Task 2.1

Personal Performance

Requires students to offer two (2) performances from a choice of three (3) roles:

  • Player / Participant

  • Leader

  • Official

This task is marked out of 30.

Task 2.2

Local study

Requires students to undertake independednt research into the provision (access, opportunites, funding, resources), locally, for one (1) physical activity in all the roles.

This task is marked out of 15.

Task 2.3

National study

Builds on Task 2.2 by extending a student's opportunities to research the national provision, at elite levels, in at least one (1) of their chosen roles.

This task is marked out of 15.

Task 2.4

Performance Analysis

Draws heavily on Task 2.1, requiring students to research the methodology and applied process intrinsic to the completion of an analysis of performance. This analysis can be in either of the student's two (2) selected practical performances. While reflective in nature, it is envisaged that the skills and understanding acquired will provide for further student development. 

This task is marked out of 30.

Progression from AS to A2

AS- Unit 2 A2 - Unit 4

2.1 Personal Performance   

4.3 Progressive Participation

2.2 Local Study and 2.3 National Study

4.2 International Study

2.4 Performance Analysis

4.1 Development Plan

Units 1-4   

4.4 Life Plan


The four coursework taks and allocations are:


Task Marks
2.1         Personal Performance     30
2.2         Local Study      15
2.3         National Study    15
2.4         Performance Analysis       30