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A-level PE - Unit 2: The Critical Sports Performer: National Study

Resources to support A-level PE, Unit 2

Task 2.3 - National Study

Builds on Task 2.2 by extending a student's opportunities to research the national provision, at elite levels, in at least one (1) of their chosen roles.

This task is marked out of 15.

National Study Checklist

Key content


Detailed overview of the national provision of the chosen activity


Roles and responsibilities of national governing body


Key pathways for chosen role identified


Key provision for chosen role identified


Description of progress from first elite to area/county level through to national level / selection


Description of the role of any sporting academies UK World Class Programme/Professional Club case study?


Relevant talent identification programmes


Role of national governing bodies and professional sports associations in supporting pathway/ ACE model/players associations


Description of development schemes /opportunities available to participants in chosen activity


Sources of funding/income to NGB and/or participants


Description of additional agencies and their role in supporting NGB and/or participants


Opportunities for disabled participants, including reference to adapted games and national teams etc


Critique of any gender issues


Analysis, which might include:
Possible areas for further development based on evidence gathered
Funding issues
Limitations of facilities/support from other agencies
Lack of opportunities for identified groups


Contextualised case studies


Appendix of factual data to support the objectivity of the study


Bibliography /references included


Exemplar Materials

 exemplars for A Level in PE:

Football Laws of the Game