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A-level PE - Unit 2: The Critical Sports Performer: Local Study

Resources to support A-level PE, Unit 2

Task 2.2 - Local Study

Requires students to undertake independednt research into the provision (access, opportunites, funding, resources), locally, for one (1) physical activity in all the roles.

This task is marked out of 15.

Local Study Checklist

Key content


Detailed overview of community provision - including high factual content


Roles and responsibilities of local governing body


Provision and opportunities at grass roots level. Examples might include:
Schools (primary/secondary), curricular/extra-curricular/leagues
Holiday coaching schemes/NGB schemes
Role of local professional clubs in providing community programmes


First elite provision at school and in clubs
Leagues/age groups/male/female/competitions
Role of sports college / sports partnerships
Sports Leaders


Description / example of local private sector involvement


Description / example of local public sector involvement


Description / example of local voluntary sector involvement


Funding agencies and other organisations involved in supporting the sport locally with named example


Opportunity for disabled performers – nearest provision referred to


Critique of any gender issues


Reference to provision for three practical roles


Strengths and weaknesses
Comparison to other sports/gaps in provision
Possible development opportunities based on evidence gathered


Contextualised case studies


Appendix of factual data to support objectivity of study


Bibliography/references included


Exemplar Materials

 exemplars for A Level in PE:

Biomechanical comparison between Netball & Basketball Shooting