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A-level PE - Unit 1: Participation in Sport and Recreation: Obesity

Resources to support A-level PE, Unit 1

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Calculating your BMI

BMI For Adults. Flash Player 9 is required.
BMI For Adults.

Obesity Videos

The weight of the nation

Britain's obesity crisis

Causes and Solutions to obesity

Obesity set to rise in the UK

The Health Risks of Obesity

What are the health risks of obesity?

obese man xray
Obesity can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes among others.

The number of people with obesity in the UK has more than trebled in the last 25 years. Doctors now say that the condition is reaching 'epidemic' proportions. Why are they so concerned?

What is obesity?

A person is considered obese if they are very overweight with a high degree of body fat. Some experts believe obesity is responsible for more ill health than smoking. Being significantly overweight is linked to a wide range of health problems.