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A-level PE - Unit 1: Participation in Sport and Recreation: Industrial Revolution and Popular Recreation

Resources to support A-level PE, Unit 1

Popular Recreation in Pre-Industrial Britain

The effects of Industrial Revolution

What changes in British society led to the rationalisation of sport in the late nineteenth century?

Candidate answers:

Candidate A

The industrialisation of Britain led to more spectators in sport and more leisure time in which to take part. Rules started to be established in most sports. Games played in school now had one set of rules. This is because the students could read and write and therefore rules coould be used.

Candidate B

The effect of the Industrial Revolution led to many changes in sport. Urbanisation led to people having less spare time to praticipate in sport because they were working longer hours. There was not much land available because of all the factories and buildings. Sports were also wagared upon, especially by the upper classes who did not participate in sports themselves. Transport was beginning to develop and become popular. This meant that the upper classes could move out of the city to participate in more rural pursuit such as walking and hunting. For the working classes it meant that teams could begin to travel to compete against teams from other areas. Rules now had to develop so that teams could play to standardised versions. The setting up of compulsory education in 1870 aided this as it meant that everyone could now read and write and therefore understand the new rules.

Examiner's comments:

This is good example of the need to read the question carefully. The question clearly asks students to make points relating to changes in society. Candidate A shows some knowledge of the development of sport in this historical period but fails to answer the question set. Only the last part regarding the development of education can be given 1 mark. Candidate B, on the other hand makes a number of valid and correct points and does answer the question set, scoring the maximum 4 marks.

(Source: AS Physical Education Unit 1, 44p.)

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