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A-level PE - Unit 1: Participation in Sport and Recreation: Americanisation and Commercialism

Resources to support A-level PE, Unit 1

Americanisation and Commercialism

1.   Sport = BIG business

2.   We are increasingly turning to the private sector for finance

3.  Funding through SPONSORSHIP and media fees – originally came from the USA – This is referred to as Americanisation

4.   A move to private funding –change the ethic in sport – from traditional recreational – towards a more commercial ‘win at all costs’ attitude

5.   Performers are now free to earn money from their sport

6.   Rugby Union’s move towards a professional premiership in late 1990’s is good e.g of amateur sports becoming more commercialised

7.  Peter Ubberoth who led the organising committee for the 1984 LA games / introduced the commercial funding from the result of the 1976 Montreal games disaster with finance – Bankrupt. Us Government withdrew their funding and sponsorship during lead up so he had to find a solution – he offered TV broadcasting rights to just one company and he allowed companies to buy the right to produce official Olympic product and display the logo . MAJOR success! He raised enough money to pay for the games and it made a profit for the first time! ‘ Hamburger games’ it was known as – due to the overt profile given to the sponsors and in particular to McDonalds! This provided the model for the future global games.

8.  After 1984- the IOC set up the ‘Olympic partner programme’ - which offers international, companies the opportunity to become a commercial partner of the Olympic Games – they are called Top sponsors . They are allowed to have exclusive rights to use the Olympic logo on their products. For 2012 London games the price to become a TOP sponsor is around 5O Million Pounds! (750 Million pounds will go towards the running of the games). 40 percent of all Olympic Revenue.

9.   Sport is now a COMMODITY – bought and sold

10. The benefit of the exposure from the Olympics means they will get global coverage which will invaluable.

11.  Shamateurism – Describing the custom of pre-1900 athletes who were amateur but received unofficial payments in the form of either commercial scholarships or state bursaries

12. 1970’s Shamateurism emerged whereby performers kept their amateur status but often received unofficial funding rather than prize money. This in turn led to a change in emphasis within the sport with the win ethic replacing the recreational ethic.

13.  Performers – sport had become a career

14.  1981 – the IOC removed the term amateur from the Olympic Charter – study this / read it!

15.  We are now used to having to stay up late to see key events such as the 100 m final so that it fits with the prime-time TV slot on the east coast America. – increasing use of Franchises / sport acts as a billboard

16.  The growth of pay per view for large sporting events – more money in sport- more pressure to entertain- to win.

17. For the exam you will need to give examples of Americanisation and influence of Commercialisation on global sports events!