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A-level Business Studies - Manufacturing in the UK: Opportunities and threats

A guide to resources about manufacturing in the UK, compiled by your librarians.

Opportunities and threats

This short video gives a brief introduction to some opportunities and threats facing the UK manufacturing industry.


Explore this column to find examples of some of the opportunities for UK manufacturing.

The appeal of "Made in Britain"

This video advertises Marks and Spencers' Best of British Collection.

Here is an example of a British company using 'Made in Great Britain' as an advertising strength.

Asian manufacture is no longer as beneficial

This video discusses the manufacturing industry in China compared to UK and how the situation is now changing.

Issues mentioned include increases in the cost of manufacturing in China and the benefits of manufacturing in UK such as shorter delivery times and lack of time zone issues.


This video provides an introduction to manufacturing apprenticeships in the UK.

Find out more:


Explore this column to find some of the threats facing UK manufacturing.

Skills gap

In this short video, James Dyson explains why it is essential that the UK provides the education needed for future manufacturing.

This Financial Times video, Mind the gap, looks at the skills shortage in British manufacturing and the effectiveness of the UK's apprenticeship scheme.

More innovation is needed

There has been increasing concern that UK innovation is failing to get to market and that often UK discoveries are being exploited and commercialised oversees.

The High Value Manufacturing Catapult was set up as a way to address these concerns. The IET has produced for the HVMC a new videography that will be used to promote the Catapult, its extraordinary capabilities and the vital role it is playing for UK businesses large and small. (Source: You tube)