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The available topic now is Descartes' MEDITATIONS - theories, arguments and views..

Philosophy and Descartes


        First Meditation - Things which can be called into doubt

                                                       Second Meditation - The nature of the Human Mind, and that it is better known than the body

        Third Meditation - The existence of God

                                                   Fourth Meditation - Truth and falsehood

                                                                 Fifth Meditation - The essence of material things

                           Sixth Meditation - The existence of material things, and the real distinction between Mind and Body

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Personhood,                         Human nature,

Identity,                    Ethics,                       Epistemology,                  Ontology,  

Meditations,                                 Empiricism,                                                   Rationalism,                                                                                  method of doubt,                           Hyperbolic doubt,                                                Dreaming Argument,                       Cogito ,              

                           Heliocentric universe,                    Masked man fallacy,                         Cartesian dualism,                                 Clockwork universe,                               indubitability,                              Foundationalism,                                teleological view