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IB Geography - Political Outcomes: Welcome

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Loss of Sovereignty

Transnational Corporations




Global Interaction

"politics is more difficult than physics"

Political Outcomes

A trading block is an arrangement among a group of nations to allow free trade between member countries while imposing tariffs on other countries who trade.


While globalisation of economic activity has occurred, there is a new feeling of regional identity among nations.


Nationalism refers to a political movement or a belief that holds that a nation, has the right to an independent political development based on shared history and common destiny .


Migration trends - becoming more global, accelerating, becoming more differentiated, becoming more feminized


Glocalisation - a product is more likely to succeed when the product or service is adapted specifically to each locality or culture it is marketed in 


Trans National Corporations (TNC) are organizations that have operations in a large number of countries. TNCs provide a host of advantages and disadvantages for the host countries

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Loss of Sovereignty

Asia Free Trade Agreements


vive la france


Immigration Reform Sign on 4th Street

Transnational Corporations

transnational corporations


26.6.2010 - A March along Queen and Spadina - Toronto G20 (1)

Global Interaction