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KS3 Science - Atomic History Timeline: Welcome

How ideas about the atom developed - evolution of the atomic model

Welcome to the Atomic History Libguide

Welcome to the Atomic History Libguide!

Here you will learn about the changing model of the atom over the centuries....

The popular theories and their proponents are featured on different pages of this libguide...


Models of the atom

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The search for the atom began as a philosophical question. It was the natural philosophers of ancient Greece that began the search for the atom by asking such questions as: What is stuff composed of? What is the structure of material objects? Is there a basic unit from which all objects are made? As early as 400 B.C., some Greek philosophers proposed that matter is made of indivisible building blocks known as atomos  (Atomos in Greek means indivisible.)


What is an Atom?

The Nucleus

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